finn is the perfect gadget to mount our phone on the handle bar of our bike. We can check the map while riding and combined with the bike citizens app we can store our statistics and the tracks we have completed, our speed and we can save all of our trips! By participating in SAZMAN's bike repair workshops, you get a finn, so you can keep track of all your trips in the city and in the countryside!
Lychnari Radio in Rhodes is SAZMAN's media partner, suppurting our project and promoting our actions and events through interviews, radio ads and spreading the word about how much better it is to use our bike in the city and how it is a means of transportation so much  friendlier to the environment. 
SAZMAN couldn't possibly be what it is without the help of
our local collaborators, both in Rhodes and in Athens. 


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With the kind support of the French Consulate in Rhodes. 


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